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Dwayne Wilson


I am for the most part a self-taught landscape and wildlife photographer. My path into photography started when I was in high school (80’s). My dad gave me my first camera, a cannon AE-1, which I had for several years until it was stolen and I lost my way. It was not until 2001 when I decided to journey down the path of photography again. This is when I purchased a Minolta X-700 film camera, which I still own and use on occasion for B&W shooting. Throughout the years I have been inspired by Ansel Adams, but who has not, his skill and techniques for shooting in Black & White, is what I hope to learn. Gary Hart is another photographer that I have been inspired by. As for my wildlife, well the animals alone have inspired me. I shoot wildlife to give them a voice, and because I just love shooting animals.

Photographing landscape and wildlife has its challenges I have no control over my subject and lighting, the environment, and to some degree people being in my shot, I am at their mercy. I try to capture the scene in a way that when a viewer is looking at the image, they feel that they are transported there. If it is a sunset on the beach you feel the sand beneath your feet, you hear the waves crashing on the sand and you smell the salty air, similarly with wildlife.

When I am photographing wildlife, I feel this connection that they let me enter their world. I try to capture their emotions and expressions. I want the viewers to feel like they are there, to feel the same emotion (connection) that I felt at the time I took the picture.  When I am photographing time seems to stop, and not exist. What feels like mere minutes, has in reality been hours. I am just lost in that moment. I see nothing except what I am photographing. To have this feeling, I know that I love what it is I am doing.

Certain cultures believe that the soul can be captured by a camera. Though we know that a camera cannot capture souls, my intent is to capture the spirit or essence of my subjects, whether it is landscape or wildlife. My objective is to allow the viewer to glimpse into something deeper and more beautiful than what may appear to the eye. If my images achieve this worthwhile pursuit, then I am successful.

One of my favorite quotes by a photographer who was inspired me, Ansel Adams, is “A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into.”  I hope that when people see my images that they also look into them as well.



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